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Note: Inquires submitted during non-operational days/hours will not be reviewed or be responded to until our next business day. If you have any concerns regarding billing, we advised that you contact our billing support team. The phone number can be found in your "My Subscriptions" tab via account settings.
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Managing My Account (14)
Managing My Account
User ID/Password
▸ How do I change my password?
To change your password: 1. Login to your account 2. Click on Account... Show More
▸ I cannot remember my username and/or password
1. Click on the link located next to the member login information titled... Show More
Upgrading my account
▸ How can I upgrade my free account?
Follow the steps below to upgrade your free account: 1. Log into your... Show More
Reinstate my cancelled account
▸ How do I reinstate my free account?
Contact customer service to reinstate your free account by clicking on... Show More
Cancel my FREE Membership
▸ How do I cancel my free account ?
You can cancel your free account any time by clicking on the link below:... Show More
Cancel my PAID Membership
▸ How do I cancel my paid account?
Please follow the steps below to cancel your paid account: 1. Log into... Show More
Membership Packages & Fees
▸ What types of membership packages do you offer?
We offer the following types of memberships : Free Members As a FREE... Show More
▸ How is my membership renewed?
Recurring billing is set up automatically once you upgrade your account. The... Show More
▸ How much is the monthly service?
The monthly fee typically is around $29.95 and is discounted when you select... Show More
Forms of Payment
▸ What type of credit cards do you accept?
We accept the following credit cards: - Visa - Mastercard Show More
▸ What are forms of payment that you DO NOT accept?
Forms of payment that we DO NOT accept include: - Paypal - Prepaid cards... Show More
▸ Do you accept check or money order payments?
Yes, we accept bank and cashier's checks along with money orders as forms of... Show More
Confirming your email
▸ How do I confirm my email address?
Please see the information below for information concerning confirming your... Show More
▸ What happens if I can't find the email confirmation?
If you are having trouble confirming your email address, it's usually... Show More
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